Valentines Virtual 10K Race
Valentines Virtual 10K Race
Valentines Virtual 10K Race
Valentines Virtual 10K Race

Valentines Virtual 10K Race

Regular price $24.95 USD

Would you love to get 2020 off to a great start with a PB?

Here's your chance with our The Run Valentines 10K.

Date: Any time between 14th Feb 2020 to 21st Feb 2020

Place: Anywhere 

Includes: 8 Training sessions tailored 10k

Virtual Races let you run whenever its suits you and from anywhere in the world.

But our VRun virtual races offer so much more as they also include the tevent tailored training sessions that will give you the best possible chance of achieving your PB.

And because everything uses Virtual Run Technology, you can train and race ...

  • Any place in the world that's great to run
  • At a time that fits in with your life during valentines week
  • With friends or solo if you prefer

We also make sure our events support worthy causes that create great life opportunities in sport for the disadvantaged.

To sign up for this event, just click the ADD TO CART button above.


Why choose vRun?
We test everything!

We've thoroughly tested all of the items in VRun shop out on the road and the trails. In fact we're constantly testing run clothing and accessories, but the majority don't make the grade to our store 

It's always about the running!

In choosing VRun, you're getting so much more than terrific running gear! We'll send you training tips and our FREE training App, that will help you get the most from your VRun clothing and accessories

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