Let's Connect
your Garmin

Last step: Connect your watch

Once you've connected your Garmin to VRun, we can then send our 5k race timer to your watch, that will record your time and send it to the race leaderboard.

This works in the same way as Garmin connects to Strava, Training Peaks and other popular training apps.

The connection is done in 2 Steps:

1. Garmin Training - instructs Gamin watch to recieve our the 5k race timer.
2. Garmin Health - instructs Garmin to send your 5k time to our race leaderboard .

Just click on the button below to proceed to the Garmin website, then log in and click through the steps to connect your watch. Once complete you will be redirected back to this website.

Note: This needs to be done for both Garmin Training and Garmin Health to send your time to the race leaderboard.

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