13th to 14th March 2021 VRun5

Let's colour in the map again this weekend!

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If your Result is not displayed...

Please check your Garmin Connect settings at the link below and Ensure both Activities and Training are enabled for VRun Training

Please note this needs to be enabled BEFORE you record your Run

Please share your results!

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Male and Female Overall Leader

Fastest overall 5k time for Male and Female
To Qualify: Garmin Watch Altitude must be enabled and Net Climb must be greater than -50m on the results board (i.e. you must not exceed more than 50m net downhill)

King and Queen of the Mountains

Biggest Net Climb for Male and Female
To Qualify: Garmin Watch Altitude must be enabled and Blue Vest will be awarded to biggest Net Climb in final results. Note: Running up a hill and back down it again will cancel out any net climb gain.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why isn't my time Displayed?

If your result is not diplayed, please check the following:

- Was your watch fully connected BEFORE you ran and saved?
- Is your saved total saved run distance greater than 5k and less than 9k?
- Is your 5k Activity saved as Running (and not a different type of activity) in your Garmin Connect app?
- Have you Sync'd your watch and does the running activity appear in Garmin Connect?

If YES to all of the above, please reply to any of our emails to report the issue. We will endeavor to resolve before final results are confirmed at noon on Monday.

Why is the time different to my garmin account?

Time differences between your Garmin Run and our results may be caused by:

Pausing your watch mid run
This means if you pause your watch for a rest, the race clock will still be ticking, just as it would in a live race and any paused time will be included in your final 5k time.

A delay in pressing STOP
A delay between finishing your 5k and pressing STOP on your watch, as most runners do when they are tired, will add time to your overall run in Garmin Connect, but it will NOT be added to tour VRun5 Time.
This means you CAN take a few minutes to recover before you press STOP, and we will use the time at which you crossed the 5k point, which will display as faster than your garmin recorded time.

Including your warm up in your Saved Run
We recommend that you don't press START until FULLY warmed up and your ready to Race. Pressing start during your warm up will mean the clock has already started ticking, and your warm up activity will be part of your 5k recorded effort.

Why don't I have a race timer?

Timers are sent out in batch at noon on Fridays, and scheduled for both Saturday and Sunday in your Garmin Calendar, so that they're easy to find on your watch.

If you've registered after this time, you can still record a time, by saving a Running Activity between 5k and 9k in distance on a garmin watch that you've already connected.

Once you Save and Sync, we'll receive your 5k time.

Please note that we're unable to respond to requests to issue race timers over the weekend.

I registered late. Can I still race?

Yes, you can still record a time, by running saving a Run between 5k and 9k on a watch that you've already connected.

Once you Save and Sync, we'll receive your 5k time.

Can you remove my time?

Yes, just reply to any of our emails and we'll remove your time before final results are published at Noon on Monday (subject to 4 working hours notice).

You'll soon be able to control this automatically in our members area.

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