9am - 19th December 2020 - Matagorda - Lanzarote

FeelFree2Run5k is a brand new FREE to enter Lanzarote community running event open to anybody.

Feel free to either just walk the course or give it your best effort and try and smash your 5k PB time. If you have a Garmin training watch, we can send you a special race timer that will put you on our event leaderboard. If not, you can still record your own time for your personal records.

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  • If you validate your race using your Garmin watch, your results will be displayed on our official leaderboard.
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  1. Fill out the form above to register for the event for FREE
  2. If you want to use your Garmin watch to verify the time we'll send you a personalised link to connect with Garmin so you can connect our race timer to your watch.
  3. On race day, just access the race on your watch calendar, and hit the start button.
  4. Your watch will let you know when you've finished. When you save your run on your watch, it will be uploaded automatically to our leaderboard.
  5. If you don't have a Garmin watch, you'll still be able to enter your time online post event, for your own personal record.
  6. Be near the start point on the day, and remember to social distance. If running on your watch or for a personal achievement time, we don't all need to start together.



YES, this is a completely FREE community event for the residents of, and visitors to Lanzarote

Do I have to run the Matagorda course or can i run somewehere else?

Whilst we have selected the fastest and best course for you to run on the day with a terrific view of the ocean, you can use your Garmin watch to run the 5k from anywhere in the world. Just follow the instructions above to receive the race timer and run your 5k on the day.

Will I be breaching social distance rules?

We won't be using a mass start line, so if you can please remember to stay at least 1.5m away from other runners and members of the public, you'll be compliant with local guidelines.

Is there a prize for winning?

[TSHIRTS? - Kenneth, Jason, what do you think?]

I'm not sure if I can run 5k. Can I still enter?

Yes, if you can walk 5k, you can complete this event. Run, walk jog as you please, just enjoy the personal challenge.

Do I have to start at 9am?

You'll probably find the event more motivating and rewarding if you run at a similar time to others, but if you can't run at 9am, you can still submit your 5k run via Garmin (if you've followed the instructions above) before the cut off [would be good to set a time for this e.g. 9pm]

What if I don't have Garmin Watch?

If you don't have a watch you can still run event and time yourself using another method such as your mobile phone. Whilst this won't be eligable for the leaderboard as it won't have been validated, it's well worth keeping a record so you have a target to beat next time!