Rewarding Training and Exercise for happier and healthier lives

"We'd like to reward everyone for their participation in Virtual Sports Training"

What is VRun?

VRun aims to give everyone access to world class virtual sports coaching and challenges regardless of where they live, how busy they are and training experience. Currently we're delivering training via Garmin Sports watches, but we're also expanding onto other popuar devices.


Healthy exercise should be rewarding

We believe that investing in their own health and well-being by sports training and taking on challenges, should be recognised. We reward our athletes in Sporteum, our own rewards token, which can be spent in our run shop.

Virtual Training for everyone

We're often asked how good do I need to be at running? The short answer, you can be a any level from a complete beginner or a serious weekend warrior! Our training sessions are personalized to your ability, and you train at your own pace. We also recommend that you always seek qualified medical advice before undertaking ANY sports training.